June 2019

In medieval times, to get from Willingham to the important town of St. Ives you had to take a ferry across the Great Ouse river at Over Cote. The ferry is first recorded in 1575 but it’s likely a crossing has been there much longer – especially when you consider the Old English “Ofer Cott” means “the house where you can go over”. This month’s picture show three Willingham youngsters in 1928 on the chain ferry shortly before it closed. The last ferry man was Jack Cook who lived at “Chain House” next to the ferry. This was quite a large house but there is no trace left today. The Children are Cyril & Phillis Ambrose with Rosemary Burgess (nee Warboys) in the middle. You can still visit the site by turning right just before the church in Over and driving to the river.