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Adding Comments

When viewing a photo you might have some information that other people would like to read. It might be information about the people shown or the location. It might be some related information such as events around the time. Or it might be what has happened in the scene since the photo was taken.

Take a moment to add your comment to the photo. When you display individual photos (the largest size picture) you will see a link small symbol like this  above and below the photo. Click this to add your comment.

People will really appreciate your extra information.

Contribution Photos

The Dennis Jeeps collection was built up by the help and generosity of people who had photographs of the village. Dennis borrowed these items and re-photographed them to add to his collection. The originals were returned in most cases.

We can continue to grow the collection with your help. If you have old photos, slides or (preferably) negatives of the village or its people, we will scan them and return to you.

While older photos are especially interesting, any period would be welcome, even up to the 1990s. Especially wanted are photos of village events, parades, sports days, opening ceremonies and so on. Also photos of buildings that have since been demolished or substantially changed. 

If you have something to contribute please contact us - click here to send us an e-mail or visit the Contact page