How to use the site

Where to start? The easiest way to start is to click on "The Photos" menu item on the right. This will give you a choice of photo albums. Some focus on places, some on people, some on buildings. If you are new, try the street scenes first. If you are a regular, go for the album of the month for new material.

The photos are organized into albums. You can think of these like ordinary photo albums, however the pages of web albums can contain both photos and links to other albums. Each album is represented by a little picture called "thumbnail"

To open an album just click on the thumbnail picture. You may see more thumbnails. Keep clicking the thumbnails until you get to the photos inside. 

When you get to the photo you'll see larger picture filling most of the screen use the arrows at the top to go to the next picture or prevoiouis picture. To go back to the album click on the relevent part of the line right at the top starting:
"Gallery >> OldWillinghamPhotos"

When displaying photos Use the arrows > or < above and below the photo to go to the next one or return to the previous. The >> and << symbols take you to the start of end of an album. At the bottom of the screen you may see comments for some photos added but another viewer. You can add your own comments too by clicking the little speech bubble with a + just above the photo.

At the top left you will see these symbols . The one on the left opens a side bar  with various options including the ability to search for specific text that people have added in comments. The one on the right shows the latest comments that have been left by people for the album.

Apart from the photographs there are a number of interesting documents about the history of Willingham. Most of these are documents that have been loaned to the society and have been scanned and converted to text. The range of topics is quite diverse. To access these resources clink "History Page" on the right hand menu. Then just click on the pcture of the doucument you are  interested in.