April 2013

This is one of the older photos in the collection and it looks like a scene from a Thomas Hardy novel! The women has a traditional rural apron and the man leaning on the fence seems to be wearing a smock. This picture is probably taken around 1890. Although you would find no trace on this today, we know that this was the village “pound” where stray animals would be placed (and the owner would have to pay a fine to retrieve it.) The location of the pound was just on the corner of the road leading to the recreation ground by the lode. It is of course unsurprising that the short road alongside the lode is still called “Pound Lane.”

Extra: Last month we showed a picture of the village pound at around 1900. We had the following interesting letter from our “regular correspondent:”

The picture of pound cottage prompts me to tell you that it still looked like that in the early 20’s but what might interest you is that the last family to live there was William Hayden affectionately known as “Bill Socks” (Most people in village had “Nicknames”. ) He was very proud of his wartime service as a Gunner and very well known in the village as he was the Caretaker,Cleaner,Custodian of the Public Hall. This opened from 2-10 every weekday and was well patronised by the village from young boys (eligible from 14 up) to the village Elders who met to chat and read the papers provided whilst the younger element played Billiards ,Snooker or played Cards I must add that from about 6 p.m. onwards Bill spent most of his time at the White Hart almost opposite returning every half hour or so just to check everything was in order at the Hall.