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There are several thousand photos available for your veiwing in various categories below. Click on the album to select the photos.

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Source of the Photos

The site was originally set up to display the photo collection of Dennis Jeeps. When Dennis died he had about 4,000 slides - mostly 1" glass format. These were actually "photographs of photographs" which he used in his projector at public displays. Sadly most of the original photos have been lost so his slide record was invaluable.  He also had a set of glass plate negatives with exquiste detail and some 35mm slides. This collection is stored in the Cambridgeshire Collection of the Cambridgeshire County Library where the originals can be viewed. The slides and other items were scanned over a period of nine months in 2003/4 enabling opening of the site in 2004.

Since opening about 2000 more photos have been added due to the generouslity of people loaning thier own photograph collections to be scanned.

Album Organisation

Because the total number of pictures is so large, we provide a set of feature albums:

  • Street scenes
  • Parades
  • People
  • Rural scenes
  • Churches

We also have an "Album of the month" which is updated each month and contains a random selection of photos.