Benefits and how to join
There are two tangible benefits to joining as a member. First you can participate in the discussion forums (blogs). Second you get full access to the entire reference collection of 4000 photos - unsorted, raw and complete. More important you become part of an organization that is working for our community.

The best part is it is free to join. Simply take a couple of minutes to register by clicking on the "register" button in the middle. You will be required to enter your name and email address and create a password. This will register your request and, usually within 24 hours, you'll receive an acknowledgement e-mail confirming your password. When you reply to this e-mail you'll be added as a member*.

Worried about SPAM? You may receive the occasional e-mail from us but rest assured; our policy is that we will NEVER disclose your e-mail address to another organization

*OldWillingham reserves the right to refuse membership if it believes that the applicant has, or is likely to, abuse the site privileges.
Existing Members
Welcome back! Hope you are enjoying the site and participating ins the blogs. 

What's a blog?
"blog" stands for Web-log and is a name for a discussion forum. This is not the same as a "chat-room." With a blog you can read other peoples' comments and (as a member) post your own messages but you are not communicating with anyone directly. Our blogs are monitored by the administrator (OldWill) and inappropriate or off topic discussion will be deleted.

Click "reference" in the center menu to see the full photo collection. You'll need to have your username and password ready