OldWillingham Society
The "OldWillingham Society" was formed in August 2004 to look after the scanned photos and to maintain this web site. Our purpose is:

- to accumulate electronically and publish online historical materials;
- to encourage members of the public to contribute information and materials;
- to encourage members of the public to communicate freely on topics relevant to the purpose;
- to promote recognition and preservation of historical buildings in the village
- to provide an educational resource for local studies.

Currently there are five members of the organizing committee:

- Jon Edney (chairman)
- Pat Law (Secretary)
- Anne Kirkman (Treasurer)
- Rosemary Mumford
- Sheilah Turner

To contact us send an e-mail to:


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Cambridgeshire Collection
Established in 1855, the Cambridgeshire Collection is the county's principal Local Studies Library, containing a wide variety of material relating to Cambridgeshire. This includes books, journals, magazines, newspapers, maps, handbills, playbills, ephemera, and over 400,000 pictures. County histories, parish histories, family histories, archaeological reports and planning reports all form a major part of the Collection. Detailed catalogues and indexes to this material allow researchers access to the wealth of information. The book and illustrations catalogue can be viewed on line. click ->