About Willingham
Willingham is a growing village just north of Cambridge in the UK. The population is over 3,500 and is a mix of farming community and people working in nearby Cambridge or commuting to London by train.
The area north of Cambridge is scheduled for major growth over the next 20 years but today, we are surrounded by farms on all sides. It is a delightful mix of old and new worlds.
Location: Willingham is in the centre of a triangle formed by Cambridge, Ely and Huntingdon. It is known as a "Fen Edge" village because the area north of the village would be a flooded fen in ancient times.
In ancient times Willingham lay on the edge of miles of fens. These were boggy or flooded marshes full of small rivers and estuaries. Food was plentiful.
The village thrived throughout the middle ages as the fens were drained. With the arrival of the railway in Victorian times Willingham turned into a horticultural centre with fruit and flowers going to London.  Now  high-tech Cambridge is influential.
More History
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