The Wall Paintings of Willingham
by Alan Fawcitt
With full colour photographs, this 28 page book describes the remarkable story of how and why several layers of wallpaintings came to be painted on the walls of a village church in Willingham, Cambridgeshire.

The oldest were painted almost 750 years ago and even the youngest are now well over 350 years old.
The book is available from the church for 4-95 or by mail order. Please add 1p&p. The proceeds from the sale of this book will be used for further conservation work. If you are interested in purchasing a copy please e-mail:


The village of Willingham
The Church of St. Mary & All Saints
Historical Background
Why were they painted?
Who painted them?
How were they painted?
What did they portray?
Limewashed over 350 years
Victorian Revelation
The wallpaintings in the 20th Century
The future
Description of the individual wallpaintings
Diagram of the paintings
Paintings on the west wall
Paintings along the North Nave Arcade
Paintings on the East Chancel Wall
Paintings along the South Nave Arcade
Appendix 1
Classification of paintings by subject
Appendix 2
Classification of paintings by chronology