Using the photo service
We have made arrangements with a commercial  company which specialises in photo printing. This will ensure that you get the best quality results.

We make a charge for photograph copies. Part of the money you pay covers the cost of printing. The remainder is split between OldWillingham and the Cambridge Library. This money is used to offset the cost of running our web site and storing the photographs.

All payments are handled securely by the photo printing service who will deliver the photos direct to your address

How to order:
All the photos in the feature albums are available to order. Make a note of the album in which your chosen photo(s) reside and write down the name that appears under it (such as "jeeps_slides02_38").
At the photo print web site find the same photo and select it for purchase. Follow the instructions provided to complete the order.

Click "next" to go to the photo print web site. Please note that you will leave OldWillingham and enter a commercial web site
About printing photos
The images available on the web site are designed for viewing on a computer screen. You can print these out on the printer attached to your computer but the quality will be poor and they each have the "" logo at the bottom.

We keep the resolution of the web photos low so that they download  faster. However, the originals we keep are very high resolution and these can be used to create good quality photos.

Of course, no copy can be better than the original photo but our printed photo service will be a faithful reproduction of the original.