Thanks to Pat Law for the photos shown below

Dennis Jeeps was born in the house called "Glenifer" at 23 Green St. and lived there all his life. It was not a house of architectural importance, but it had history, was old and formed part of the character of the village. Being farmers, the Jeeps has a large yard at the rear with barns and outbuildings. This proved too tempting for new house development and the easiest way to get at that land was simply to knock down the old house in the way - despite the fact that alternatives existed.
It's Ironic that Dennis Jeeps, who took such an interest in the village should have his own little piece of it swept entirely away with hardly a murmur. 

The dozer goes to work at the back

11th Oct - demolition starts

12th Oct am - progress is rapid

10:00am It's all gone!