Instructions continued
To get back To the album view, use the links in the second bar at the top of the gallery. These show the various albums you have opened. To go back to one of these just click the name.

When displaying photos Use the arrows (>> and <<)in the third bar from the top to go to the next photo or return to the previous. The >| and |< symbols take you to the start of end of an album. At the bottom of the screen you may see comments for some photos. This provides extra information. You can add your own comments too.

When displaying albums you may see [view comments] at the top. Clicking this will show you a list of any photos in the album that have comments. You may also see red bars showing which photos have been voted "favorite" by the most people. 

Click [slideshow] at the top and the photos will be displayed one after the other. You can change the speed or start and stop the show.

To get home Each of the gallery screens has a banner at the top "Old Willingham Home" Click this to return to the home page

The photos are organized into albums. You can think of these like ordinary photo albums, however the pages of web albums can contain both photos and links to other albums. Each album is represented by a little picture called "thumbnail"

To open an album just click on the thumbnail picture. You may see more thumbnails. Keep clicking the thumbnails until you get to the photos inside. 

When you get to the photo you'll see larger picture filling most of the screen use the arrows at the top to go to the next picture or select [slideshow] at the top to play them one after the other. 
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